Feedback from Patients

The difference between a doctor and a scientist is – people. Dr. Natelson’s uniquely comprehensive care for his patients exemplifies the perfect union of medicine and science. In 1989, I sought an explanation for why I was fighting horrific fatigue and flu-like symptoms. As a professional and educator, myself, I thought that the answer would come from one of the five teaching hospitals in Philadelphia. I soon learned that, in the “Dark Days” of CFS, I was not only a mystery, but also someone who the medical profession, in the main, did not know what to do with or how to help.

In short, I did my own homework - in the self-help section of Barnes and Noble bookstore on 17th and Chestnut Streets. I came upon an early work by a CFS sufferer who so elegantly chronicled his story of navigating through a healthcare system to find the pioneering experts in the field of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Dr. Natelson was front and center, and the reason I made the long, exhausting trips to seek treatment. Almost twenty years later, I am proud to say that Dr. Natelson has helped me overcome so many obstacles by providing comprehensive care and understanding, compassion and inspiration and the unfailing courage to provide, “second-to-none” treatment modalities.

I look forward to traveling to Manhattan, where Dr. Natelson continues to lead the field at Beth Israel. Congratulations, Dr. Natelson, for being a “one-of-a-kind” doctor and your usual commitment to excellence. I appreciate your continued care and thank you for your untiring efforts for so many years.

Lindsey A. Sherwood
Philadelphia, PA

I could write a book on my experience with Dr. Natelson and another on all he has done for me over the years. From the first day I saw him in 1994, he never once questioned my illness. Being a former law student, he taught me how to use the advocacy skills I learned in law school and become a “proactive patient”. Dr. Natelson has followed my healthcare for almost 15 years and I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. His dedication to me and his other patients is a true example of outstanding commitment, extraordinary service and compassionate care. I have dealt with numerous doctors over the years, both for myself and my family and I have yet to meet one that comes close to Dr. Natelson.

Jacqueline Niederle
Annandale, NJ